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Private equity should take a global approach to communications

At a recent private equity conference, one speaker suggested that “winter is coming” for the industry. The logic was that private equity firms globally had benefitted from an historic bull market in equities since the Fed began purchasing assets in spring 2009, enabling many GPs (General Partners) to make extremely strong returns for their investors;…

Safety in Numbers: The Birthday Paradox

This time, Safety in Numbers celebrates its birthday the only way it knows how – but it’s not the only one… The Birthday Paradox is more than slightly counterintuitive in that it goes against everything we assume about probability.

Bad VR

Earlier this week, Mark Zuckerberg broadcast a video that drew condemnation from publications around the world.

Translating the language of technology

Professor Brian Cox OBE is a hugely insightful and charismatic speaker, and the huge turnout for his opening keynote speech at IP EXPO Europe served to reinforce his unparalleled ability to explain some of the world’s most complex theories through simple terminology.